Basic Service
Additional Services
(includes 2 databases)
Web Services
Includes PHP and MySQL
5 email addresses
50MB game Disk
100MB game disk
10MB web disk
Custom Build
Additional MySQL DB
Additional Postgres DB
Basic Service Features:
  — Shell access via ssh
  — 50MB game disk
  — 10MB web disk
  — Domain services
      — Your own hostname (<game>
      — MUSHDNS can provide DNS for your personal domain
  — 5 POP/IMAP email accounts
      — <you>@<game>
      — Easy–to–use web–based email account management
  — Basic web services (includes https cert)
  — Standard build of one of the following game engines:
      — TinyMUX
      — TinyMUSH
      — PennMUSH
      — Rhost
  — Daily automated backups
      — Backups do not count against your disk quota
  — Direct (5x9) contact with site administration
  — At MUSHPark, we are:
      — Knowledgeable in working with all game engines
      — Skilled at maintaining the underlying server
      — In daily contact with developer/maintainer of Rhost and TinyMUX
      — Able to get developer–level help for TinyMUSH and PennMUSH easily
We understand there are other “game hosting services” out there that seem to cost less at first glance. All that we have found are a “here's a shell, have fun” kind of “service.” We believe that our experience and our level of support will differentiate us. We DO know what is required to run a game. We have personal experience in doing it. From the ground up. Physical server, game, setup, softcode… We've been running games at this level for more than 20 years. We very likely will have seen most any problem you run up against. And if we haven't seen it personally, we have many contacts and friends in the community that probably have. We're here to help you.